A photo of Jacob Shandling

Building great websites and apps with Python + Django, JavaScript + React, HTML, and CSS. Open to freelance/contract, part- and full-time software engineering opportunities.

I’m also a jazz musician, and enjoy swimming in natural bodies of water, listening to complete records, and eating Mission burritos.



A tool for organizing and juxtaposing musical ideas in the form of short audio recordings. Built with Django, Django REST Framework, Webpack, React/Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Deployed with Heroku and Amazon S3.

Pinot, Rafael. (2018). Minimum spanning tree release under differential privacy constraints.

Clustering with Kruskal's Algorithm and the Union Find Data Structure

My implementations of Kruskal's algorithm and the union find data structure, applied to the clustering problem. Python.

Jacques Apothéloz 2018

Drummer & Composer Jake Shandling

Home for my work as a musician. Built with HTML, CSS + Bootstrap, and a tiny amount of JavaScript.

Web Development Portfolio

This webpage, built with vanilla HTML, vanilla CSS, and vanilla Javascript.